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fabulous double doodles posted by eddie on 28-06-2018
STUNNING SHOW BRED COCKERS posted by eddie on 11-06-2018
AN IMPRESIVE LITTER OF LONG HAIRED posted by eddie on 06-06-2018
STUNNING F1B COCKAPOO BOYS AND GIRLS posted by eddie on 14-05-2018
STUNNING F1 LABRADOODLES posted by eddie on 03-05-2018
THE JOHNATHAN ROSS SHOW posted by eddie on 04-04-2015
Puggles posted by eddie on 04-03-2012
RARE PARTICOLOURED COCKERPOOS posted by eddie on 04-03-2012

Cocker Poo: fabulous double doodles

Posted by eddie on 28-06-2018

Extremely rare litter of double doodles (cockerpoo x mini labradoodle ) Mum is a home bred miniature labradoodle standing 18 inches , dad is an f1 sable cockapoo . Both parents are here to view and are BVA eye tested clear 20/1/18

   Pups are 62.5%mini poodle and 25%  english cocker spaniel  and 12% labrador all but one is guaranteed none moulting fleece coat so will be ideal for asthma /allergy sufferers . Only the sable boy may shed a little . Pups will be vet checked , DHPPIL ist inoculated , microchipped in your name , so no further expence

 Come with 5 generation pedigree copies of BVAeye certificates,  royal canin puppy pack and peace of mind that you will have 24/7 after care with your Foxisle puppy . See website for testimonials and pics of previous doodles , these pups are just a bit special and grow to about 16 to 17 inches

      just this one beautifull boy remaining                         £750 SABLE BOY                     READY NOW




Posted by eddie on 11-06-2018

Lovely litter of show bred English cocker spaniels  available to at 8 weeks on the 15/6/18 . Pups will be kc registered , microchipped in your name so no further expence come with 5 generation pedigree copies of both parents BVA clear eye certificates  dated 12/1/18 also dad is PRCD, PRA clear and FN clear by DNA .

  Dad is a handsome red sable and mum chocolate roan , resulting colours are 1 sable boy, 2 black boys , 2 gold boys , 1 black girl , 1 black and tan girl .

Temperaments will be impecable , more about us and hundreds of testimonials can be read on our website  FOXISLEGUNDOGS

              JUST THIS ONE BLACK BOY REMAINING NOW FULLY INOCULATED                                                      

                                                                                  BLACK £875 




Posted by eddie on 06-06-2018

  Foxisle kennels are proud to present an impressive litter of long haired german shepherds of the upmost quality and must be one of the most extensively DNA tested , eye,hip and elbow tested by parentage in the country .

    Having bred shepherds for over 30 years i know what type of shepherd i prefer . Strong, straight backed, long haired big boned dogs , with fabulous temperaments. But will protect if required too. Immediate command responce and utterly safe around children .

I can pretty much guarantee these qualities will be inherited as the pups have been correctly reared well socialised and fear  nothing or no one, so fear bite has not been implanted .

   The 3 main attributes of any dog has to be temperament , looks ,and genetically sound .

I will endeavour to list all testings of Mum

1, BVA eye tested clear jan 2018  

2, elbow scores  done 6/2/18   0.0

3, hip scored       done 6/2/18   4.7


1, Elbow scores  done  22/2/18   0.0

2, Hip scores   done  22.2.18  3.7

3, Labokin degenerative myelopathy tested  9/4/18   n/n (clear)

4,Hiplaxity 2 tested 7/5/18     Normal   

5, CLADtype 3  tested  7/5/18  Normal

6, Dermatofibrosis   tested  7/5/18  Normal

7, Mucopolysacc  type 7  tested 7/5/18  Normal

8, Piturity Dwarfism  tested  7/5/18  Normal

9, Hiplaxity  1    tested  7/5/18  Normal

10, Haemophillia A   tested  18/5/18   Normal

11,  D.M.  tested  16/5/18  Normal

12,  Canine malignant hypertherm  tested 7/5/18  Normal

13, MDRI  tested 16/5/18   Normal

14, Coat colour D  locus improved  (MLPH) tested  7/5/18  Result D/d

15, Coat colour panda with spotting  tested  7/5/18  Result   N/N

Explanation  of normal means that "The animal is free and has two healthy alleles. When used in breeding the animal will not become ill to the disease , it cannot spread the disease in the population ".

Only the most suitable country homes will be considered for these pups .

Both parents and mums full sister also low hip and elbow test here to view , YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED

Each puppy will be Kc registered , microchipped , DHPPIL 1ST inoculated , warranted for 14 days , come with copies of extensive DNA testing and xray results , Royal canin puppy pack ,

  Colours                Blue and tan  and blue sable and tan boys   £1600                      Sable and black and tan girls  £1200





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Posted by eddie on 14-05-2018

Excuisite cockapoos out of home bred mum and sire by our resident red poodle dad . BVAeye tested clear 18th jan 2018 and dad is von willerbrands tested clear 5/4/18 .

 Each pup comes with 5 generation pedigree, copies of health tests , 14 day health warranty , = comprehensive vet check and DHPPIL 1st inoculation . It will be microchipped in your name and come with royal canin food and puppy pack .

  Visits welcome or view our website to read more about us , we are one of the most recomended breeders of cockapoos in the country

                                                                    1 STUNNING CREAM BOY £1000   

                                                                               AND ONE LESSER COATED BOY AT £800      







Posted by eddie on 03-05-2018

Foxisle gundogs are proud to announce a top quality litter of miniature f1 labradoodles , creams and golds . BVA eye tested clear parents both are here to see and sire is Von Willebrands
clear both are top quality.
This is our very last litter of miniature f1 labradoodles a finer bunch of doodles would be hard to find as mum is an old fashioned short legged yellow kc redge show bred labrador and dad a stunning red 12 inch mini poodle .
The exceptional coat quality is already at 4 weeks obvious to see in the photo . They have substance and chilled out temperaments to die for .
Each pup comes with 5 generation eye certificates and comprehensive vet check , 1st dhppil inoculation , microchipped , and a 14 day health warranty . Royal canin puppy pack and food to go home with . All the after care you would expect with a Foxisle baby
not that you will need it with these family orientated darlings
we have available just the one boy he is now fully inoculated so can now play out
PRICE   £800





Posted by eddie on 04-04-2015

Tina and i were proud this week to be asked to take two of our puppies ,a miniature labradoodle and a f1b puggle on to the Johnathan Ross show wher they met Kylie Minogue , Clare Balding , Bear Grils , Ethan Hawks , James Bay and of course Johnathan him self




Puggles: Puggles

Posted by eddie on 04-03-2012

PUGGLES available through out the summer both f1 and f2 generations highly recommended breeder as can be seen on puggle love . Featured in Country life , sixer, east side , daily mail ,and financial times news papers . Top quality kc reg stock , we even have our own stud dog B.V.A eye tested and are clear . Pic shows tan f1 and fawn f2 pups ,they are comprehensively vet checked before leaving here and are micro chipped , insured , and have a 14 day returnable health warranty . Please beware there are cheaper advertised pups out there but they are not necessarily puggles, ring for advice before viewing elsewhere Visits here are welcome and masses of advice given . We have Echo an older puggle and mum of the f2 litter for you to get acquainted with . Fantastic outgoing personality they don't need an abundance of exercise ,so suited to city life or country price from £1000 to £1500



Posted by eddie on 04-03-2012

Rare particoloured and roan cockerpoos bred here at Foxisle one of Britains premier breeding kennels ( visit web site for testimonials , pics and more about us ) Both parents here to view are kc reg and B.V.A eye tested clear  certificates and pedigree come with each puppy as does comprehensive vet check , 1st inoculation , microchipped in your name , , Royal Canin and pedigree puppy packs provided . After care service as standard policy at our kennels .
As sire of pups is a rare parti coloured poodle these cockerpoos are unusual in colour . 9 Pups born four are prior booked , one blue roan girl , one blue roan boy , one lemon and white girl, one lemon and white boy and one pure white (colour may change as she gets older )  PIC SHOWN IS OF A CHOCOLATE ROAN FROM A PREVIOUS LITTER BUT THESE WILL BE THE SAME QUALITY