All our dogs are very well looked after and loved, with plenty of open fields to play in the. Which ever breed it is, Labradors, Cockerpoos, Cocker Spaniel, they all get a great start in life.

5 Star establishment f1 show type cockapoos

Foxisle have available a meticulously home bred lovely litter of F1 cockapoos . Mum was the best looking sable show cocker I've bred but sadly passed away on the operating table whilst having this litter . I hand reared them in our home until 5 weeks of age then transferred them to our immaculate kennels that emulate a bungalow environment, with tv on the wall radio on at night , pups are adjacent to a fully equipped kitchen with industrial washer , kettle , microwave etc henry hoover used daily to accustomed pups to all household noises .

Pups have 3 separate areas to sleep play and do there business so are 95%house trained already mum was bred here and her parentage was exclusively DNA tested clear . She was sired by our sable cocker 'Royal Charlie Sable ' who himself extensively DNA tested clear . Father to pups is our own DNA tested miniature red poodle again tested clear .

Copies of all testing 5 generation pedigrees etc come with each pup together with extensive contract including 14 day returnable health warranty , microchipping and dhppil inoculation . Viewings welcome but please arrive in suitable foot wear as feet must be dipped in virkon before entering premises .

Picture of mum is with a previous litter in order in order to comply with advert requirements .

Most of litter prior booked only

2 gold boys £1500 and one silver sable girl £2000 available.


Photo 1, the pups for sale, photo 2 pups from last year, photo 3 the Dad, photo 4 The mum with her pups.

2 Blue shepadoodles bred here at Foxisle Gundogs 5 star licenced premises the highest rating possible for breeders .

Mum Amazonica rosie twinkle blue standard poodle kc registered , hips 8/9 and elbows 0/0.

Dad our own Kenquince van gogh at foxisle red sable kc registered long haired german shepherd hips 3/7 elbow 0/0 DNA tested clear for all german shepherd ailments including degenerative myelopathy

CLAD type 3 Hiplaxity 2 Dermatofibrosis Mucopolysacc type 7 Pituitary dwarfism Hiplaxity 1 Haemophilia A MDR 1 Canine malignant hypertherm Coat colour panda white spotting and mlph

These extensively health tested parents have produced a super litter of this much sought after doodle which we have been breeding here for the last 2 years with extensive positive feed back from owners as to their calm intelligent nature but with a natural guarding instinct many people have come back for second puppies

Pups have been lavishly reared on royal canine and raw chicken in our superb air conditioned and heated fully tiled complex which emulates a bungalow environment (see web site for tour of our premises ) highly recommended by everyone who visits most of our sales are repeat customers or recommendations. You will be required to dip your feet in vircon before entering kennels so please wear suitable foot wear . Pups come with copies of all pedigrees and health testing certificates are microchipped and inoculated , 14 day health warranty written in your extensive contract .

Although the pups appear black in the picture in the flesh they can clearly be seen to be turning blue
(its a poodle late developing trait ) rest of litter prior booked as were these 2 girls but due to cancellation are for sale PRICE £1400.00

Standard Poodle Stud

Extensively DNA tested clear true red kc reg Standard poodle is now standing at stud at 5 star accredited Foxisle Gundogs "Gambit "registered name SOMERTERN AKUTAN has been with us since a year old and has produced for us stunning fault free litters of standard poodle , labradoodles, double doodles, and shepadoodles . Extremely fertile mates if bitch at optimum ovulation (we can test for this )within seconds .Gambit has
sired black and tan, chocolate and tan, even out of solid bitches also reds, creams, blues , blacks . I have retained recently a magnificent chocolate and tan sable F1B standard cockapoo which will stand at stud this summer (see last picture).
Gambits kc contains no less than 12 international and British champions all parentage DNA clear and low hips and elbows ,including afterglow
Hip score 4+6 total 10
Elbow score 0+0 total 0
DNA tested vonwiller brands type 1 clear
Gangliosiosis clear
Prcd Pra clear
Hyperuricemia clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy clear
R CD4- PRA clear
DM clear
Hypocatalasia clear
VND type 2 clear
Rarely does a truly true to type exceptionally well bred multi generational health tested clear standard red poodle come to open stud. Superb temperament ,. Maiden bitches welcome and can stay here throughout season . Pics of mating or video are standard for conformation of mating

Gerrman Shepherd Stud

Standing at stud German shepherd Kenquince Van Gogh at Foxisle aka, Alfie. As you can see from the list of DNA tests below he is probably the most genetically tested shepherd in the country.

This handsome Red sable boy throws BlueBlue and tanBlue sable Black and tan and Red sable DNA TESTS elbow score 22/2/18 0. 0hip score 22/2/18 3.7Labokin degenerative myopothy tested 9/4/18 n/n clear Hiplaxiity 2, tested 7/5/18 normal Clad type 3, tested 7/5/18 normal Dermatofibrosis, tested 7/5/18 normal Mucopolysacc type 7, tested 7/5/18 normal Piturity dwarfism, tested 7/5/18 normal Hiplaxity 1, tested 7/5/18 normal Haemophilia a tested 18/5/18 normal DM, tested 16/5/18 normal Canine malignant hypertherm, tested 7/5/18 normal.