Hi Tina,

Just wanted to drop you a line and attach a few pictures of Evie. We collected Evie just before Christmas last year and she is nearly 7 months now. We can honesty say we would be lost without her.  Evie is such a sociable dog and our three children adore her, she in turn is very protective of them and can always sense when they are upset. An energetic dog with a lovely calm nature at home.


Thank you again.

Vicky & family


Hi Tina  & ED


Here is a photo of poppy taken about 2 months ago.

We would be interested in another shepadoodle. 


Best wishes


Linda & John  x


Hi Tina and Eddie


Today is Maddison's 12th birthday (choccy girl) and her sister Charlie is now 13 (blondie).  Maddy is still as active as ever and Charlie while slowing down still loves life.  We are so lucky to still have the both.  Charlie had a vet check recently and although she has arthritis she is so healthy.. Both Foxisle dogs.. Oh and that little scrap in the middle is Scout.  We got her to give Charlie a new lease of life and it has certainly worked as Charlie loves her and plays with her all the time.


Thanks so much for our gorgeous girls.


Dave and Gilly xx


Hi , Eddie and Tina


We have a one year old now , we just recently spend Murphy 1st birthday , we went to the beach as always , he love sticking out his tongue every now again , we realise that Murphy turning blonde just like his mum and looking so much like his mum in so many ways , can’t believe we have an one year old and he getting so big, strong & happy loving dog I ever met, as he started to get older he realise what the dangers with the traffic and other dogs now which it is massive step as I being taking him out for his long walks , he walks 8 miles a day sometimes 5-7 miles .


So here is some pictures from his birthday day out to the beach and we had a busy morning opening presents and have lots of fun



Kerry hall


Dear Tina Eddie and Rachael


I thought you would like a photo of Bronte who is nearly four months old. She is one of Spice’s lovely litter.

I could go on and on about her. In short she is the best dog in the world and she has made my life worth living. She is so full of life and fun and she makes me laugh so much. Very strong willed and we start puppy training soon! She is very bright and gets things quickly well at least the things that suit her! She is roaming around with her friends on  Ilkley Moor every day. It’s a dogs life.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Thank you for such a wonderful litttle dog.

Best wishes

Victoria Wilson


Hi there,


Just wanted to say thank you for trusting us with one of your gorgeous F1 Standard Labradoodle pups, Dora has just had her 1st birthday, she's a joy to be with and is never far away from mischief. We'd love to her to meet her siblings if this is possible?


Hope you're all well, wishing you a lovely Christmas.


Alex, Richard & Holly 


Hi Tina, Eddy


Hope your both well. 

Just thought I would drop you a quick picture of how Cooper is getting on, he is just over 6 months now and is absolutely perfect, thank you so much. 

Rosie 19 week Cockerpoo



This is Rosie we bought from you at the end of May 😀




I love your new web site,  here is a picture of Winston,  born 22.12.2011,  He is as ever  the perfect dog..

thank you....  Penny  Rossington..


Hi Tina and Eddie

This is Otis, he has been with us for just over 3 weeks now and we wouldn’t be without him. He is such a little fuss pot and just loves to be with people and is so clever, we have already mastered sit and he is such a good boy on his lead. Perfect addition to our family. 

Thank you so much 

Wendy, Jonathan, Lily & Ella 

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