All our dogs are very well looked after and loved, with plenty of open fields to play in the. Which ever breed it is, Labradors, Cockerpoos, Cocker Spaniel, they all get a great start in life.

New German Shepherd Litter

Foxisle kennels who are a five star Defra inspected and approved breeding establishment, are proud to present an impressive litter of long haired German shepherds of the utmost quality and must be one of the most extensively DNA , eye , hip and elbow tested by parentage in the country .

  Having bred shepherds for over 30 years i know what type of shepherd i prefer , strong straight back long haired big boned dogs with fabulous temperaments , but will protect if required too immediate command response and utterly safe around children .

I can pretty much guarantee these qualities will be inherited as the pups have been correctly reared well socialised and fear nothing or no one so fear bite has not been implanted .

  The three main attributes of any dog has to be temperament , looks and to be genetically sound . I will now endeavour to list all testing

MUM  ( home bred )

BVA eye tested clear  Jan 2018

elbow scored  6/2/18  0. 0

hip scored      6/2/18  4. 6 total 10

dad elbow score  22/2/18  0. 0

hip score  22/2/18  3.  7  total 10


Labokin degenerative myopothy    tested 9/4/18  n/n clear

Hiplaxiity 2                                      tested 7/5/18  normal

Clad type 3                                      tested 7/5/18 normal

Dermatofibrosis                              tested 7/5/18 normal

Mucopolysacc type 7                      tested 7/5/18 normal

Piturity dwarfism                            tested 7/5/18  normal

Hiplaxity 1                                      tested 7/5/18 normal

Haemophilia a                                tested 18/5/18 normal

DM                                                tested 16/5/18 normal

Canine malignant hypertherm        tested 7/5/18  normal

MDRI                                            tested 16/5/18  normal

Coat colour D locus improved (MLPH tested 7/5/18 result D/d

Coat colour panda white spotting  tested 7/5/18 result  N/N


Explanation of normal means means that "the animal is free and has two healthy alleles when used for breeding the animal will not become ill due to the disease .

It cannot spread the disease in the population "


Only suitable  country homes will be considered for these pups .

Both parents and mums full sister (also low hip and elbow tests) here to view

Each pup will be kc registered

5 generation pedigree

DHPPIL 1ST inoculated


warranted for 14 days

come with copies of extensive DNA testing  and xray results , royal canin food and puppy pack , reared on raw meat and royal canin so have masses of bone and substance

4 boys 6 girls

SABLE  £1700

New German Shepherd Litter

New German Shepherd Litter

New German Shepherd Litter

New German Shepherd Litter


5 Star DEFRA approved Foxisle Kennels are extremely proud about this relatively new phenomenon of long haired black German shepherd x red standard poodle . SHEPADOODLES in America they are bred and aimed as the ultimate family protection dog with low to none moulting qualities . They resemble (depending on weather one of the parents is long or short coated )anything from a shaggy labradoodle type to fleece goldendoodle type coat . Obviously temperament is different as the guarding quality of the shepherd is expressed in its protective nature towards its family together with intelligence ( second only to a collie )training is simply a breeze with this cross ( this is our second litter 3 previous pups sold to Police Officers with feedback fantastic .

Mum is our stunning black German shepherd , Dad is our stunning deep red kc reg standard poodle who is extensively DNA tested clear for every conceivable fault , plus low hips and perfect elbows and BVA eye tested clear . You will be assured an extremely healthy puppy with what appears to be none moulting fleece coats and will be a stunning looking dog you will be proud of .

Super friendly yet and chilled these pups have been reared in our purpose built air conditioned / heated

fully tiled immaculately kept 3 roomed puppy areas which closely resembles a "bungalow environment"

with TV on in the day and radio at night and are adjacent to kitchen with industrial washer and dryer on daily basis, Henry hoover on daily and kettle/ microwave/ banging doors /vehicle noises and numerous people visiting daily . they are fearless yet respectful and you will be enamoured by their lustrous coats exquisite looks and biddable temperaments . I also breed cockapoos and miniature labradoodles but this cross is in my opinion the ultimate doodle and protection dog .

Copies of all genetic testing and pedigree , vet checked DHPPIL inoculated , micro-chipped , Royal Canin puppy pack and food DEFRA / RSPCA approved comprehensive puppy sales contract and 14 day written returnable health warranty should give potential owners peace of mind that you are travelling to view a quality bred and reared puppy Vet recommended 5 star DEFRA approved breeding establishment .

I reserve the right to refuse sale of puppy if i think it might not be placed in a suitable environment

PRICE £1000



New litter of shepadoodles just born 2nd march ready in 8 weeks both parents hip and elbow and extensive DNA testing Dad standard blue poodle , Mum most tested shepherd in the UK



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German Shepherd stud

Standing at stud German shepherd Kenquince Van Gogh at Foxisle aka, Alfie. As you can see from the list of DNA tests below he is probably the most genetically tested shepherd in the country. This handsome Red sable boy throws
Blue and tan
Blue sable
Black and tan
and Red sable
DNA TESTS elbow score 22/2/18 0. 0
hip score 22/2/18 3.7
Labokin degenerative myopothy tested 9/4/18 n/n clear
Hiplaxiity 2, tested 7/5/18 normal
Clad type 3, tested 7/5/18 normal
Dermatofibrosis, tested 7/5/18 normal
Mucopolysacc type 7, tested 7/5/18 normal
Piturity dwarfism, tested 7/5/18 normal
Hiplaxity 1, tested 7/5/18 normal
Haemophilia a tested 18/5/18 normal
DM, tested 16/5/18 normal
Canine malignant hypertherm, tested 7/5/18 normal

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